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My choice, new referrals needed!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

I've also decided to review my PTC earnings and give You newest information about my preferences.
So I decided to stop clicking at PTC sites that pay less than $0,01 per click (with some minor exceptions). reaching minimal payout on those sites takes too much time, so I decided to limit the amount and choose the most reliable and effective.

So now I daily click at:

- BuxP pays about $0,001-0,005 per click, but still is very reliable, so I decided to keep this.


WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

Clicking all of those makes me about $0,22 a day without any referrals, which makes about $6,5 a month and $80 a year. Doesn't. seem very attractive but I spend for clicking just 10-12 minutes a day. Which makes 1,32 per hour.
I think since I get some referrals, my earnings increase significantly, so be more active and join PTC sites!

Jolly Clicking!

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