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My choice, new referrals needed!

Thursday, 19 November 2009


Hey there!

Now I'm offering You something completely different!
You life is going to be much more easier!

I'm ready to sell 4000 traffic exchange credits for anyone, who is not willing to do manual surf, but who is ready to pay.

official 1000 credits on Hit2Hit.com will cost You whole $10.00. I offer You

1000 credits just for $3!!!
official 1000 credits on EasyHits4U.com will cost You $5.95. My offer is just
$2 per 1000 credits!!!

If You are interested, please contact me via e-mail alearnmo@gmail.com and we will clinch the deal =).

Quality guaranteed! Payments via PayPal or Moneybookers only.

UPD: If You buy large amounts of credits, personal discount applicable.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

New followers.

I would also like to greet all my followers. You are important for me =) I appreciate Your attention very much.


Man! That is awesome!

I'm not a person who just wonders like that on something suspicious but You have to have this all-in-one toolbox!

Costs nothing, gives you a lot!

So let me introduce to You TE TOOLBOX

For example, the new banner rotator placed right above the last post is made by one of the tools. It's very easy and moreover, it tracks all the statistics, so I know what exactly is bringing me profit =))
It's just MUST HAVE toolbox.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

October Stats & more

Hi there!
It's about time to publish some statistics for previous month. I've honestly been accurate clicker and invested most part of my revenue into referrals

So as for November, 1 my figures are:

Neobux $ 1,055 (I've also invested into my referrals about $3,86, so my overall sum is $4,915)
PalmBux $1,301 (plus $1,99, see payment proof below, plus $0,6 invested)
Wordlinx $2,38 (rather fruitful month =))
Saavuta.ee 1,9396 euro
EasyHits4U $0,95
myLot $2,26 (haven't been there for ages, indeed =)))

Total: $11,8756 ($16,3356 - considering all investments made)

That's rather inspiring.
As i promised, there is my Palmbux very first payment proof. So now I'm sure it's legit.
Btw, I decided not to cashout before December, 15, to save up some for my Christmas holidays.

Have a great November out there and see you soon!