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Saturday, 7 November 2009

October Stats & more

Hi there!
It's about time to publish some statistics for previous month. I've honestly been accurate clicker and invested most part of my revenue into referrals

So as for November, 1 my figures are:

Neobux $ 1,055 (I've also invested into my referrals about $3,86, so my overall sum is $4,915)
PalmBux $1,301 (plus $1,99, see payment proof below, plus $0,6 invested)
Wordlinx $2,38 (rather fruitful month =))
Saavuta.ee 1,9396 euro
EasyHits4U $0,95
myLot $2,26 (haven't been there for ages, indeed =)))

Total: $11,8756 ($16,3356 - considering all investments made)

That's rather inspiring.
As i promised, there is my Palmbux very first payment proof. So now I'm sure it's legit.
Btw, I decided not to cashout before December, 15, to save up some for my Christmas holidays.

Have a great November out there and see you soon!

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