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My choice, new referrals needed!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

My suggestion: bumba-makingmoneyonlinefree.blogspot.com

Hi! As I promised before, I continue to review other money-making blogs.

My today's choice is Making Money Online Free.
There You can find an information about nearly everything!
  • PTC sites? It's right there
  • Whether to buy referrals or not? Find out there.
  • Authors personal experience? Read it there.
  • Payment proofs? Of course!
So, long story short, it is definitely MUST READ AND FOLLOW. Updated constantly. Every post is original and very informational.
My personal favorite is the post "Neobux was it a right decision to use rented referrals?". Because I did just the same thing recently.
So, the link to this blog goes right to my Blogs-I-suggest collection!

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