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Saturday, 3 October 2009

September statistics

Hi there!

September is over and it's the time to publish some numbers =)

Here are my September results

Neobux $1,395
PalmBux $1,162
Wordlinx $0,93
Saavuta.ee $1,306
EasyHits4U $1,2
myLot $2,26


Considering my goal, that doesn't sound very optimistic, but I have some more paid online activities, that I don't include here, so my grand total is not that bad indeed.
Remember, always try to combine several ways to earn online cash. Get paid to write and read, click for money, complete tasks, - be active!

This month I have lost nearly 30% of my earnings because Tuibux and BuxWiz occurred scam, but I try to be positive about it. It's just couple of bux and fortunately I haven't even reached the cashout limit.

So Be lucky and stay positive! Follow me in October for more interesting issues.


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